7 January 2017


Hey, I'm back! Phew, new year, new resolution?? HAHAHAH nahh. It's 2017 and I guess I've been through a lot in 2016. With O's, people leaving, making new friends, work, hectic school days and more. Lessons learned. 

I guess 2017 is going to be better but who knows right? Things hasnt been going my way eversince the start of 2017 though. But that's alright I guess?

Big news! EXOr'DIUM in SG is happening, can you imagine how happy I was when they announced it yesterday?

Anyway, I wanna say thank you to everyone who stayed by me throughout 2016, throughout my ups and downs you know. To thank you all individually is tiring hence this post. Hehehe. I wish that 2017 will be a great year for all of us. 

Additionally, guys its 2017. Stop with the hates and seeing hijabis as angels because we're not. We still sin. PLease ah. I'm so mad to see tweets like that on my twitter timeline because how many times must we emphasise that hijabis ain't angels before you can all drill that in your head???

Anyway, thats it la. I have nothing to write anymore, nothing is interesting right now! But I'll be back!!!


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