12 June 2017


Hey guys, I am finally back after what it seems like forever. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, I am so sorry because I have not been updating my blog for 5 months. I've been so busy with stanning EXO, choosing my bias in BTOB and watching videos of Got7. 

Okay on a serious note, I've just started my Poly life hence why, it's a bit hectic and busy now. Okay, this is not the point on why I choose to update my blog. I wanted to update because I want to write about the most amazing people in my life. I met them through an Exor'Dium group chat since we had Exor'Dium in early April, and we started following each other on our twitter account. By twitter account, I mean our fan accounts. 

That's when our friendship started growing. The 13 of us had another group chat, to basically not spam the main group and thats when everything actually started. The 13 of us eventually grew closer, we became good friends and my friend decided to name us Team Banana13. (( I don't even know why ))

Since we got to know each other online, we planned our first meetup. Basically, before meeting the rest who are in the main groupchat and before the Exor'Dium concert itself. Our first meetup was on the 19th of March. It was awkward at first, but things got better after awhile I guess? 

Okay so, basically we came together and got to know each other through EXO. Simple. HAHAHHA. And oh my goodness, Exor'Dium was lit especially with them. (( But I didn't manage to see Yixing because he didn't attend )) 

Oh and on 10th June, SeChanHo came to Singapore again! And my friends and I did a reply to them. Basically, during Exor'Dium Dot, EXO held up boards stating "우리여름데이트하자" which means "Let's go for our summer date". 

Our reply is "여름 데이트 콜" which means "Summer date call". And believe it or not, Junmyeon and Sehun noticed our boards. My life is rather complete now HAHAHAH. Oh, and we went viral for a day because we brought along EXO's lightstick and because of the board.

My friends went mad after that. Okay anyway, the point is, it's great to be able to come together to support someone / a group. It's great to be able to meet amazing people through EXO. From strangers, to bestfriends. They have been the best. Who would have known that I would be surrounded by amazing people through common interest?

Okay and on serious note, they are a good influencer. Influencing each other into buying fansite goods and yall, they make each other get hooked onto different games. God bless these people. HAHAHAH.

Okay, till then, we meet again.


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